Experience Uttarakhand Beauty: Nainital to Kausani Tour Guide

Experience Uttarakhand Beauty Nainital to Kausani Tour Guide

Nainital to Kausani Tour Guide, Nainital is a pleasant hill station, undoubtedly, and it is located in the Kumaon Area in Uttarakhand. Moreover, the city is considered the Lake District of India because various wonderful spellbound lakes are enclosed. The vast snow-covered peaks around the hill station have significantly impacted the tourist’s mind. The snow hills in the Nainital are approximately 2200 meters above sea level. A tourist can view plains on one end of the area and enthralled Himalayas on the other. It is time to plan a trip for the Nainital Kausani Jim Corbett tour and enjoy the holiday and mountain city . 

Some Famous Places That Tourists Can Visit in Nainital 

  • Bhimtal: Bhimtal is the biggest lake among all the lakes present in Nainital. Tourists can enjoy boating and other water events. Moreover, travelers can walk on the shore of the lake to be mesmerized by the whole view.
  • Naini Lake—Naini Lake is positioned in the center of Nainital. It is a highly popular lake in Kumaon. The view of this lake can mesmerize anyone’s mind.
  • Snow View Point—Snow View Point is the most enticing and coolest place in Nainital. Tourists can have a great time in this mind-twisting spot, where they can explore snowcapped hills, including Trishul and Nanda Devi.
  • Kilbury Bird Sanctuary: If you are a bird lover, you should not miss this beautiful spot. It is a heaven for those who admire nature and birds. Nine out of 10 tourists in Nainital visit the Kilbury Bird Sanctuary. The sanctuary is located in the center of the Nainital reserved forest and 12 km away from Nainital. Public transportation and private vehicles are both good options for reaching there.

What Activities Can You Perform in Nainital 

If you are eager to visit Nainital, nothing is better than the Global Royal Holidays tour agency, which provides exciting Nainital tour packages to explore Uttarakhand and its popular cities. Here are the activities that one can perform in Nainital: – 

  • Boat Riding: Can you afford to skip boat riding on Naini Lake while sightseeing in Nainital? Boating is among the most enjoyable activities here. Tourists have become fond of this event, held here from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. While boat riding, you can see wonderful scenery around the lake, including snowcapped hills. 
  • Shopping Stuff at Tibetan Market: You will be happy to visit the Tibetan market because it is a fantastic space for shopping in Nainital. Explore the local Tibetan customs, heritage, and culture here. Here, you can shop for shawls, Tibetan bags, wooden things, etc. You can also buy some exciting gifts for your little one. 
  • Visit Mall Road: Mall Road is among the most demanded spots that tourists and kids want to explore. Walking in the evening is a real gem. The pleasant air and views can mesmerize you. 
  • Trekking at Tiffin Top: Trekking at Tiffin’s top is a wonderful experience. You can enjoy the mesmerizing sunrise here. Seeing sunrise from the Tiffin Top is among the most entertaining activities here, and many tourists love it. The spellbound hills of the Himalayan range are also attractions, and the sunrise is beautiful.

Which is The Best Time and Weather to Visit Nainital 

Nainital is an appropriate place to visit throughout the year, and the weather is normally pleasant and cold. Foggy evenings and lustrous sunny mornings are common. Monsoon weather brings huge rainfall and the possibility of serious landslides within the area.

The January to March months are subtle and bring mild snowfall. The temperature lies between 3 and 15 degrees Celsius. But in May, the temperature increases between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius.

The ideal time to travel to Nainital is from April to June because the temperature is moderate and all tourist destinations are open.

Nainital to Kausani Tour Guide 

When you have planned Nainital tour packages, you can have great sightseeing from Nainital to Kausani. First, have breakfast and then be ready to take a lake tour of Nainital. Then you can go boating in Naini Lake. After that, you can also visit Bhimtal, 25 kilometers from Nainital. This lake is the biggest among others present here. The group of 7 lakes are interjoined with each other. Moreover, you can also visit Naukuchiatal, which is nearly 30 kilometers from Nainital. Afterward, you may return to your hotel and rest overnight.

Sightseeing of Nainital to Ranikhet

Ranikhet showcases the inclusive Himalayan range, and the sightseeing is magnificent, undoubtedly. Enticing wildlife, deep green forests, hypnotic mountain ranges, and various vegetation make this place perfect for nature lovers. The rainy season brings majestic colors to the city, as you can experience rainbows, ripe fruits, and flowers around the valley.

Take a Trip of Ranikhet to Almora and Kausani 

In the morning, you can also plan to go sightseeing in Almora. Hire a local taxi driver, or when you plan a Nainital Kausani Jim Corbett tour with Global Royal Holidays, you can have maximum enjoyment as a traveler. Tourists can visit Zero Point in Almora in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary when they explore the sky and the whole atmosphere from Zero Point, particularly at sunrise and sunset. Tourists can have a fascinating view of the Himalayas, comprised of peaks such as Nanda Devi, Shivling, and Kedarnath Peak.

Moreover, there is also Jageshwar Dham temple, about 9 km from the Almora central city. The Nandini and Surbhi rivers flow from here, containing 124 temples hugely inspired by Buddhist architectural style. Moreover, don’t forget to visit Gollu Devta Mandar, another form of God Shiva.

Now, you can visit Kausani, which is nearly 50 km away from Nainital and about 6,200 feet above sea level. Here, you can visit Baijnath temple with old effigies. Moreover, while sightseeing, please explore the sunset. You can also reach Anashakti Ashram, where Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi stayed for a few days. 

Popular Katyur Valley is a good place to witness a glorious sunrise. After so much sightseeing, get back to your hotel and take a rest. Contact the local guide for other sightseeing, and after that, you can complete your tour and return to Delhi or wherever you live.


Nainital is unquestionably an extremely famous hill station in India, so whenever you plan a Nainital Kausani Jim Corbett tour, it is always good to book it from a reputed travel agency such as Global Royal Holidays. The agency will help you book hotels and other facilities while you explore the entire Nainital. 

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